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GBE Team

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GBE Team

GBE Contact

  • Who we are, what we do, how to contact us:
  • T    01733 238148
    (UK GMT 09:00-18:00)
  • INT   0044 1733 238148
  • E

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy:

Champion: Healthy, Environmental, Resourceful, Appropriate, Competent, Effective, Yardstick, Construction and Specification


NGS National Green Specification Ltd. Director

Green Building Encyclopaedia:

  • GBE Website: Editor and Content Writer
  • GBE CPD: writer and speaker
  • GBE Workshops: facilitator, speaker
  • GBE Lectures: writer and University Lecturer
  • GBE Outline & Robust Specification: writer
  • GBE Calculators: creator
  • GBE Code: Author

GBE Collaborate

GBE Services

  • GBE Robust Specification: Writer
  • GBE PASS: Product Accessory System Screening: Assessor
  • GBE Compare: Product Group Comparisons and Conclusions: Assessor
  • GBE MASS (Collaborate) G#1049 N#1066 Materials Assessor
  • GBE Echo (Collaborate) G#1064 N#1082 Manufacturer Self-declaration: Validator

GBE Learning

  • Launching March 2020
  • Speaker

CAPEM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-impacts of Materials

  • CAPEM Product Data Collection
  • Company Data Sheet
  • Product Data Sheet
  • Application Data Sheet

ASWS Architectural Specification Writing Services
  • Robust Specifications for Products
  • Project Specifications
    • Writing
    • Managing Specification Writing Team
    • Helping Practice with Specification Strategy
    • Training: Specifications in NBS Software
    • Auditing
    • Training
    • Software training
    • Coaching
  • Practice Specifications
    • NBS based
    • ASWS embellished
    • NGS GBE embellished


  • T    01733 238148
  • M    07973 281024
  • Skype: BrianSpecMan
  • E

Edith Colomba

  • Director of GBE Learning


  • Webinar Platform Facilitator and Speaker
  • LCA
  • Natural Holistic Healing,
  • Home Improvement,
  • Human Behaviour & Lifestyle

Cath Hassell of ech2o

Champion: Water and Carbon Reduction


Dr. Andrew Norton

Champion: Biobased materials, Sequestered Carbon, LCA, EPD and PEF

  • CAPEM Technical Partner
  • CAPEM EPD Programme Development
  • CAPEM Marginal Analysis
  • CAPEM Individual Impacts (Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon, etc.)

Paul Bourgeois of Zero Carbon Britainzcb_logo.png

Champion: Carbon Reduction & Renewables, AECB regional events


  • GBE Renewable Energy
  • GBE PASS assessor
  • GBE Database
  • GBE Website: Configuring and uploading files
  • GBE Sales


  • CAPEM Product Data Collection
  • CAPEM Product Data Sheets


Dan Ward 

Champion: Small projects, SelfBuild, SketchUp, CAD & BIM

  • GBE CAD (SketchUp & BIM)
  • GBE Self-Build
  • GBE Artisan
  • GBE Sales


Julie Ann Futcher of Urban Generation

Champion: UHIE Urban Heat Island Effect PhD graduate

  • GBS Consult
  • GBE Lecture

James Allen

  • Structural Design
  • Lime and stone construction


  • Sustainability Checklist

Sarah J Farmer

  • Timber
  • UK Grown Timber
  • Timber Applications
  • Timber Carbon Calculator

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
25th July 2013 – 13th January 2020

GBE Team

BRM Build4 png

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy

Portrait Zorro Derrick Hill

Derrick Zorro Hill

Architect, Sketches, Navigation Icons, Music

Edith Colomba Team Face

Edith Colomba Team

Edith Colomba

Director of GBE Learning

Architect, LCA and Home Improvement, ECO Project Coordinator


Cath Hassell of ech2o

Water & Carbon Specialist

Water Product Assessments

Andrew Norton LowRes10 png

Dr. Andrew Norton of Renuables

LCA & EPD Specialist
Bio-based materials and BioComposites


Paul Bourgeois of Zero Carbon Britain: zcb_logo.png

Renewable Energy Specialist


Dan Ward of Archisan

CAD, BIM, Self-Build

Julie Ann Futcher of Urban Generation

Urban Heat Island Effect

Mike Malina

Mike Malina h+S png

Green M&E Engineer

James Allen

Structural Engineer

Sarah J Farmer

Timber Specialist

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
10th August 2013 – 2nd January 2020

GBE Team
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GBE Collaborate Services

  • GBE CAD (SketchUp & BIM)
  • GBE Calculators (Navigation) G#600 N#621
  • GBE Classify (Collaborate) G#1479 N#1440
  • GBE Code
  • GBE Compare (Collaborate) G#964 Group Comparisons & Conclusions
  • GBE Consult G#848 N#870
  • GBE CPD (About)
  • GBE CPD (Navigate) G#7755
  • GBE DeTox (Collaborate) Product improvement using LCA Marginal Analysis G#794 N#816
  • GBE DeTox G#764 N#786
  • GBE Echo Manufacturer Self-declaration
  • GBS Green Building Specification (Navigation) (About)
  • GBE Lectures for University Courses
  • GBE Lectures (Navigation) G#1081 N#1099
  • GBE Literature Audit (Collaborate) G#738 N#760
  • GBE MASS Materials Assessor
  • GBE Outline & Robust Specification
  • GBE PASS: Product Accessory System Screening Assessor
  • GBE Robust Specification (Collaborate) G#541 N#561
  • GBE PASS (Navigation) G#747 N#769 Product Accessory System Screening
  • GBE Website
  • GBE Workshops

CAPEM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Impacts of Materials

  • CAPEM Product Data Collection
  • CAPEM BIM Data Sheet
  • CAPEM Compass
  • CAPEM EPD Programme Development
  • CAPEM Marginal Analysis
  • CAPEM Individual Impacts (Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon, etc)

Architectural Specification Writing Services (ASWS)

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan *
10th August 2013 – 2nd January 2020

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