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GBE Product Passport (Collaborate)

GBE Product Passport (Collaborate)

GBE Product Passport

  • An innovation of some importance
  • A set of information about the components, resources and materials that any product contains
  • information that is useful when an obsolete product re-enters the production cycle
  • Would tackle the problem of inadequate business-to-business information about the objects
  • Recyclers and re-users can obtain clear information on the resources contained in a product
  • How they can be disassembled, reused, recovered or recycled at the end of the product’s first useful life
  • Would encourage a move away from an intense resource use and waste economy towards a circular economy
  • Segregation for reuse or recycling as an economic activity could be greatly boosted
  • Include information on any risks that might be posed, for example by hazardous materials
  • Considering the ultimate limitations on resource availability, they are the way we need to go
  • The manufacturing sector have shown reluctance to permit their introduction since second hand goods are competition for their virgin goods

GBE Product Data Collection

GBE is already bringing together, all in one place, information for a Product Database:
it starts with Product Data Collection, and its outputs can include:

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GBE Product Passport (Collaborate)

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7th September 2013 – 13th January 2017

GBE Product Passport (Collaborate)
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