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EU Co-Funded Projects G#1833 N#1711

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EU Co-Funded Projects

EU Co-Funded Projects

Programmes include:

  • Interreg
  • LIFE
  • Horizon 2020
  • FP7
  • Erasmus+

Projects include:


Prospects approached:


Low Carbon

  • UL4C: Usable Low Carbon Commercial Buildings for Cities
  • SMART:  Smart Factories in NWE
  • to introduce existing low carbon technologies and communication to SMES
  • GREAT: Greener Reliable Efficient Achievable Tailored: Last Mile Logistics
  • Energy Smart Solutions for Industrial Buildings Retrofitt
  • Development of a cross-border recognition package for eco-design products
  • CREST+:  Community REtrofit through Sustainable Technology
  • ACE Renovations: Accelerating Condominium Energy renovations


  • TRANSECT: TRANsition towards SustainablE Construction (CAPEM Patners, NGS and others) N#1715
  • Independent Living: Product valorisation and implementation in Living Labs
  • Low Carbon Cluster Development
  • Innovation Network
  • IBC:  Impulse By Citizens (Consumer goods)
  • Game Design and Health/Well-being Crossover Growth
  • DIAMONDS: Digital inclusion for midsized NWE city neighbourhoods
  • Affordable human centred Design

Resource and Materials Efficiency

  • Local food production in artificial ecosystems
  • Clean Maintenance as key enabler for a sustainable industry
  • Interregional initiatives to stimulate the Circular Economy
  • The Green Estate: managing flood risk
  • SEREN: SME Eco-Innovation Resource Effciency Network
  • DINNOVSSOL: Pre-commercial procurement for soil decontamination innovation strategies
  • Investigation to convert CO2, issued from industrial process, in valuable products


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EU Co-Funded Projects

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EU Co-Funded Projects
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