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GBC TGR Twilight Talk (Event) G#40053

TGR Twilight Talks Sept-Nov2021 PNG

GBC TGR Twilight Talk Event

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GBC TGR Twilight Talk Event

  • TGR Registration
  • GBC Green Building Calculator vs Carbon Terminator
  • Speaker: BrianSpecMan
  • @ Zoom On-line
  • @ 11th October 2021
  • @ 5:00 – 6:30 pm

GBE Presentation Outline

  • This session offers a step-by-step guide to calculating and costing the embodied and in-use carbon load of your building.
  • It’s the second in the Twilight Talks series and will take place on Monday 11th October.
  • Brian Murphy, founder of GreenSpec – and now creator of Green Building Encyclopaedia; providing specification clauses for alternative building materials and so much more – will demonstrate some of the key features of his emerging design and decision tool, GBE Green Building Calculator (GBC).
  • GBC provides information regarding whole building energy consumption, carbon in use, cost of building and cost of running a building and has been created for clients, architects, developers, contractors and property managers alike.
  • It is an impartial, easy to use, value for money product that can result in our buildings having a positive environmental impact, rather than contributing to terminating our planet!
  • Brian will demonstrate the Calculator, followed by an extended Q&A session so that attendees can ask questions and provide feedback on the Calculator as Brian works towards the second version of the tool.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and Q&A during the session.

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
10th October 2021


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TGR Twilight Talks Sept-Nov2021 PNG; GBC TGR Twilight Talk (Event) G#40053

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
10th October 2021

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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
10th October 2021

GBC TGR Twilight Talk Event G#40053 End.

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