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GBE Guest Post (Collaborate) G#38304

By 2 April 2020July 13th, 2021Collaboration, GBE Guest Post, Services
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GBE Guest Post Collaborate

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GBE Guest Post Collaborate

Scope of Guest Posts on GBE websites

  • Whatever you read here applies to all GBE’s websites
    • Green Building Encyclopaedia
    • Green Building Learning
    • Green Building Calculator


  • This page is about adding articles,
  • Most of it applies to how we will choose adverts that might be considered to be added to our websites.

Guest topics will be in UK English

  • But may also have translations
  • Layout to be determined, possible two columns side by side

Editorial Control

  • GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia has its scope, but this is broad and expansive
  • All Guest Posts need to be related to this scope or it is irrelevant to GBE existing users
  • It needs to be educational and informative and aspire to improve our situation
  • Occasionally there are positives and negatives, the positive must outweigh the negatives
  • Low cost alone is not a positive


  • GBE’s Focus is UK
  • Since many good product available in the UK are manufactured in the EU we extend this to EU manufacturers
  • For International products to be included requires the products to be significantly better performance than those available in the UK and EU
  • GBE would consider developing other websites to support other continents
  • GBE will not promote cheaper copies of OEM’s products
  • GBE promote innovative products that meet HERACEY™ below

Guest Posts should engage with one of more of the following overarching issues:

  • GBE’s Definition of Sustainability: HERACEY™
  • Healthy
  • Environmental
  • Resourceful
  • Appropriate
  • Competent
  • Effective
  • Ethical
  • Yardstick (means to measure or benchmark)

The topic of Guest posts must be related to:

  • Environmental & Social: (Must address some positive issues/criteria)
    • Development
    • Infrastructure
    • Surveying
    • Construction
    • Buildings
    • Structures
    • Services
    • Interiors
    • Landscapes
    • Occupation & Facilities Management
    • Maintenance & Repair
    • Refurbishment
    • Other issues will be considered on application
  • Economic:
    • Wider Value Engineering opportunities
    • But we are not interested in:
      • Cheap-only products
      • Individual cost cutting
      • Individual cheaper substitution
      • Plastics unless they offer effectiveness to other parts of the adjacent materials
      • Chemicals and chemical recipes
      • Hazardous materials
        • SVHC
        • SIN listed
        • On other violet lists

Guest Posts may take the format of any of the following:

  • Information and Education:
    • Case Study
    • Evidence Based Case Study
      • Performance Calculations
      • Value Engineering
      • Carbon Effectiveness
    • Questions & Answers
    • Problems & Solutions
    • Articles without product promotion (but see Promotion below)
    • Design Method
    • Calculation Method
    • Equations
    • Calculators
    • Data Sets
    • Manufacturing Methods
    • Building Method
    • Method Statement
    • Jargon Busters: Technical or Architectural Philosophy
    • Checklist: Design, Process, etc.
    • Issue Paper
    • Brainstorming a project
    • Brain Dumping a Subject
    • Others on application
  • Promotion
    • Problem Solving Product, Accessory, System promotion
    • Educational Articles with Problem Solving Product promotion
    • Book Promotion
    • Publication Promotion
    • Service Promotion
    • Consultancy Promotion
    • Company Promotion
    • Software or App Promotion
    • CPD Promotion
    • Others on Application
  • ICT Formats
    • Seminar: PowerPoint, PPT or PPTX or equivalent on application
    • Webinar Video: on GBE, YouTube, Vimeo, or provider’s website
    • Podcast Audio: on GBE, On other sites with links
    • PDF Attachments for downloading or reading on line
      • Product information or specifications must not be locked to prevent writing project specifications from the content
    • PNG Images
    • Datasets: Excel, Calculators, Equations, (No locked cells, sheets or files)
      • HTML off-site data interrogation codes not permitted on GBE Website
      • But will consider for other dedicated websites
    • No embedded code for interrogating or gathering anything
    • Others on application
  • Any combination of the above or others on application

Links to other websites

GBE will not link to website pages which:

  • are not illustrated with relevant images
  • have place holders for images that take too long to appear, if at all
  • have many adverts by other providers
  • have many adverts that do not relate to the content of the page
  • Have adverts that generate income, but add nothing to the page

GBE will link to website pages which:

  • Add to the topic of the GBE page of the outbound link

Naked Links are permitted

  • Format: ‘websitename.extension’
  • But links must be to ‘https://’ websites since search engines and virus software highlight anything less as unsafe
  • Users will be discouraged to visit anything less
  • GBE need to see the URL and inspect the content in advance

All Guest Posts

  • Will have their own dedicated page
    • With their own long URLs and Short URL page number
    • For inbound links
    • In bound links to be Rel: DoFollow (Reciprocal link(s) required)
  • (H1) Heading to suit subject (ideally 4 words maximum)
  • Dedicated topical image(s) (PNG provided by guest)
  • 1/3 width column for text 1/3 column for image 1/3 column for links (GBE standard format)
    • About or Index or both (H2)
    • Text/Image/Links
    • Footer: © source, author and date
    • (2 HTML links: Company website, Author website)
    • Outbound link to be Rel: DoFollow (Reciprocal link(s) required)
    • May include Download files (PDFs)
  • 2/3 width column for text and images 1/3 column for links (GBE Second format)
  • 3rd Column will be for GBE to link all relevant pages to and from the Guest Post.
    • Page or Post Topic Group navigation pages (H2) (HTML links to Navigation pages)
    • Pages or Posts (HTML to individual page) (currently >2000 pages to choose from)
  • SEO optimized, enabled by Yeost (Green traffic light ideally, orange at worst if green is impossible)
  • Comments enabled (managed, edited or filtered by GBE)
  • Others on application


  • Since you may be paying for the post/page it will be added same day as the agreed text and images arrive.
  • In exceptional circumstances (e.g. meeting major deadlines) it may occur overnight.
  • If you provide the files at the end of the week it may occur over the weekend.

No cost:

  • Read and assess the topic
  • GBE Initial Assessment Yes, Possible or No for GBE,
  • If No:
    • No further progress, inform Agent
  • If Possible:
    • Review and suggest improvements, via Agent
    • Reconsider improved Guest Post

Costs include:

  • if Yes…..
    • Agree 1/3 or 2/3 page block format
    • Processing time to add page or posts
    • Add Guest Post text and reset format to GBE page format
    • Add any images and files to media library and to pages or posts
    • Add links to website and author
    • 1/3 column right hyperlinks to other pages of GBE website
    • SEO of page, images and files
    • Outbound links: Default Rel: DoFollow
  • Initial cost; £250 for 12 months
  • Annual renewal:
    • Educational: None
    • Promotional: £125/annum
  • If these prices do not make sense to you, speak with us
    • We would rather have the content than not
    • We both need to make a living

Reduced Costs

  • Presence on the GBE website can be at a lower cost
  • Less time is available so no additional page with Author’s details
  • Less time to link to the guest page from many other relevant GBE pages
  • Initial cost: £125 for 12 months
  • Renewal cost: £125 annually

Optional extra costs:

  • If the Guest post is to be written by GBE
  • Receive all relevant information
  • Read and assess the topic
  • GBE Initial Assessment Yes or No for GBE, if Yes:
  • Write Article
  • Send for review
  • Edit Article
  • Initial Cost: £500
  • Annual renewal:
    • Educational: None
    • Promotional: £125/annum

Optional GBE Collaborate Services:

© GBE NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
31st March 2020

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
2nd April 2020 – 13th July 2021

GBE Guest Post Collaborate
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© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
2nd April 2020 – 18th May 2021

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