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List of Projects, Commissions and Activities: (date order)
The three columns below are projects cherry picked from this main list.
> Future Projects, Commissions and activities
> Current Project, Commissions and activities 2013
Recent Projects, Commissions and Activities 2012
Past Projects, Commissions and Activities up to 2011

Projects NGS participated in:

Kingston Uni Recycling by Design

East of England Sustainable Construction Strategy

DTI PII Reycled content Products & Waste Minimisation Specifications 

DTI PII Buro Happold Guide to Reclaim, Reuse & Recycling

East of England & National SWMP Site Waste Management Plan Workshops

WasteCost(R) lite calculator

Envirowise Packaging Waste Guides

Salvo ReSpec

Construction Skills Sustainability Matrix

AECB Carbon Lite (Passivhaus for UK Climate & Energy Mix)


Demolition Protocol & WRAP Aggregain Demolition Module

CAP’EM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco Materials

Biodiversity & Zero Carbon Buildings Book

BLP Butterfly TSB Design & Decision Tool

TSB Retrofit for a Future Peterborough

SBEE Sustainable Built Environment East

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
17th December 2012 – 7th July 2013

NGS Committees, Advisory Panels and Steering Groups

BrianSpecMan has been involved with many discussion groups, to which many presentations have been delivered. See some of them here:

NBS Specification Manager Beta test

AECB Association for Environment Conscious Building Committee

SDRT Sustainable Development Round Table Construction Group

SDRT Sustainable Development Round Table Water Group

BRE Green Guide to Specification 4

NBS National Building Specification Advisory Panel

TGR The Green Register of Construction Professionals Steering Group Meetings

TGR The Green Register of Construction Professionals Regional Coordinators Committee

Salvo ReSpec advisory panel

ASBP Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

BLP Butterfly Advisory Panel

SBEE Sustainable Built Environment East

TP SBS Travis Perkins Sustainable Building Solutions

Summit Skills (East of England M&E Skills)

FSP Flooring Sustainability Partnership

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
18th December 2012 – 13th August 2013

NGS Conferences Events Workshops

Building Design (Newspaper) Conference: Green Is the Colour 1999

Homes4Good Exhibition workshop

AECB Sourcing Specification Information workshop

East Of England Sustainable Construction Stratergy


Environment Agency SWMP Workshops

WRAP SWMP Workshops

Kier Construction EPIC Environmental Performance Information Club

DTI SWMP Voluntary Code of Practice Launch

SDF Specifiers Design Forum

RIBA South Retrofit for Non-domestic

SusCon & RIBA S&SE Retrofit CPD Series

Israel Green Building Council Retrofit Conference

[AvniR] Conference Lille France

natureplus annual conference Heidelberg

100% Design

100% Design Biodiversity

EcoBuild 2010 CAP’EM 

EcoBuild GreenSpec STUDIO

EcoBuild Travis Perkins PASS

RIBA S&SE & BCT Biodiversity Workshop

BCT Biodiversity Worskhop

GreenSpecLIVE Sustainability v Liability

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
19th December 2012 – 7th July 2013

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